I want to gain weight

You want to gain weight ?
Making the decision to get fatter may come from different criteria, whether related to calculate BMI, your well being.
Calculate your body mass index will give you an idea of your ideal weight, whether or not you are underweight.
You can feel bad in your skin and need physical change, especially in the problems of scarcity are often overshadowed by discussions on the overweight.
In all cases the decision must come from you! Take advice from others yes, but to de imposed a diet (not by medical fonction) no!
We may decide to lose weight after medical advice, it can be prescribed products, medicaments, or other weight gain methods.
Having decided to get fatter it must find ways to keep motivation intact. no question of dropping out of road!
Weight the pros and cons, explore different methods of weight gain, to find relatives to support you or share your goal, as the means to achieve your goal: gain weight!
Setting a goal weight is very important. Follow a route without having a point of arrival is the best way to lose motivation!

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