Food supplements to gain weight

Gaining weight with ease is possible with many dietary supplements or OTC prescription.
Here are some:


The fenugreek is often cited as a mean to gain weight.
It comes from the seeds of a plant that comes from Asia, cultivated in India and China.
This dietary supplement helps to stimulate appetite, which is essential in weight gain.
It is often used by people anorexic or anemic, but also to strengthen the convalescent or treat bronchitis, colds and allergies.
It can take several forms:

* infusion
* dried seed capsule and reduced to powder
* fluid extract
* dyeing
* standardized extract.


Fortimel is widespread among women and men seeking to grow.
It is a dietary foods to supplement the nutritional needs, bearing in undernutrition.
It takes the form of a milk product, with different fragrances.
It is reimbursed by social security if you have a prescription.
It is a practice supplement to get fatter.


This supplement is often used for problems of scarcity.
Fortijuce is a non-milk drink fruity taste in the form of bricks of 200 ml, different flavors are available: Cassis, Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Tropical.
Energy value: 300 kcal.
Protein: 8 g.
Carbohydrates: 67 g.
It is reimbursed by social security order.
It allows a significant caloric intake for people wishing to enlarge.

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