How to enlarge legs ?

To gain weight on the legs there’s nothing like bodybuilding !
Indeed, strength is an asset, whether big or slimming.
Many women fear they will have in return a male physical but it is not, while being able to take to get the desired increase in weight in the legs.
Good growing nutrition, the musculations regular sessions (including the squat, slots, SDT), the rest to avoid burnout, should yield the desired results.
Without buy protein box store, a good amount of meat at meals is ideal to make legs.
It should be thinking about work all the legs muscle, calves, thighs, to have a uniform weight.
The swimming pool, gym, cycling, exerices are excellent to work the legs.
To muscle the legs there are exercises in room:
leg extensions for the quadriceps, sitting legs folded, the legs are extended fully to lift the load,
the leg curls for ischios, lying on his stomach, legs extended, it folds up to the load,
elevations calves, standing with a dumbbell in each hand, it pushes on tiptoe.
Swelling of the legs is within the reach of everyone, motivation and consistency will be your weapon to draw legs!

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