How to enlarge belly ?

You want to have a fatter belly ?
When we want to take a few kilos, you must make sure not to lose too !
Fats are therefore preferred.
Some foods make your stomach swell, but it is no use in terms of duration (bread, turnips, cabbage, onions).
Without a life devoid of all physical activities, you must manage your efforts to not melt all the fat !
Many women had their flat belly getting fat from the end of their sporting activity. A controlled diet, exercises targeted (set of abs) allow the optimal weight gain in the belly.
Some medicines or dietary supplements also help.
Note that uncontrolled food leads to an accumulation of fat in the belly.
We must therefore learn to control his weight to avoid excesses.
Should not be confused take many forms and take belly in the direction to take a big belly !
In our case it is much more to hide the bones than develop Alsatian beer belly !
So do not overlook sports to exercises his body, including abdominal exercises but also all the muscles to have a homogeneous and pleasant body to admire !

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