Drugs to gain weight

Weight gain can be obtained through various medical treatments.
However, this is not a reson to take any medication to get fatter!
You can get fatter with medicines for several reasons:

* Certain medications stimulate appetite.
* Exhaustion caused by certain medications can lead to gain weight, simply because of the decline in physical activity as a result.
* The water retention caused by some treatments lead to weight gain.
* The taste may also lead to excessive ingestion of food.
* Antidepressants are often cited as a source of weight gain.

Periactin, used to treat symptoms of allergies (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hives) is often quoted in the forums as a source of weight gain by stimulating appetite.
Some possible side effects must be taken into consideration as drowsiness, dry mouth (which leads to weight gain when compensates with sugary sodas!), Constipation, risk of blockage of urine, blurred vision and the balance. Sometimes Periactin may cause excitability or rare allergies.

Apart from side effects of drugs, there are supplements that have the direct goal weight: fenugreek, fortimel, renutryl, clinutren or fortijuce.

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